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#1 – A blog about your knees, huh? Slow day?

I realize that this blog is not likely going to catch-fire anytime soon, but it isn’t meant to either.

The content of this blog is deeply personal. If you haven’t experienced the misery of life-long horrific knee pain, you might not understand. Specifically, the information here is designed for anyone with knee problems that has had a significant impact on their lives, especially those of us under the age of 50 who are repeated told that knee replacement surgery is not an option until passing that milestone.  So no long walks, jogging, golfing, or rough-housing with the kids until you can join AARP I guess.

In my next update, I’ll be sharing the history of my battle with my own knees. Many of you will likely find the story and situation familiar.  I’ll also cover a few items that I discovered early on did wonders for my day-to-day pain, but are no longer as effective as when I was in my 20s.

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  1. I don’t have daily chronic knee pain, but can sympathize. I have very bowed legs which put a lot of extra strain on my knee joints. There are times where I get extreme pain that just won’t go away with a full nights off my feet. If I had that everyday it wouldn’t be fun.

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