Board Game Design

Board game design is a late-in-life hobby born from a hobby I’ve had since I could walk. Games are the best.

I’m not sure when I acquired my first Dungeons & Dragons material. I honestly can’t remember a part of my life where I wasn’t aware of its existence. So even before Candy Land and Checkers – and way before Atari – there was Greyhawk.

While my love of adventure gaming goes back beyond my memory, I didn’t fall in love with board gaming until 1990 when I cracked open my beloved HeroQuest. I was thirteen. Now in my forties, it thrills me beyond belief to share the game with my sons.

This lifelong love of gaming resulted in a mid-life epiphany that I almost wish didn’t happen. The thoughts and fantasies now own and consume me, you see. I play them, I read about them, I study them, I blog about them, I dream them. Games. Why not design them, too?

I. CAN. DESIGN. GAMES. And so can you. Let’s go!