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Chuck Norris beat Bobby Fischer at chess in one move – with his chin.

You know how some people can’t get enough of cat memes?

Well, my online guilty pleasure is Chuck Norris endorsements. 

So here we go!

Chuck Norris doesn’t wear deodorant because victory smells so sweet.

Chuck Norris solves Rubik’s Cubes with his tongue and eyelashes.

Chuck Norris once got an infinite number of monkeys using an infinite number of typewriters to type his name correctly the first time.

Chuck Norris once ate a bad guy and pooped out Mary Poppins.

Chuck Norris once tweeted “BAM!” and all his followers fell over.

Chuck Norris doesn’t wipe because that shit is clean as a whistle.

Chuck Norris just missed the cut for appearing in the Bible when God decided 10 plagues upon Egypt was enough.

Chuck Norris time-travels every time he sneezes. That’s why there are no pictures on the internet of him sneezing.