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JLab Retro Bluetooth Headphones Have Me Killing It in Quarantine

Are you working from home and doing whatever you can to not go crazy?

We know you’re guilty! We all did it!

All us work-from-homers bought something to make the current situation pass more comfortably. I know a few of you bought new office chairs. I’ll bet there’s some new keyboards and mice out there, too. If not, I’m wondering why those aisles in the stores went the way of toilet paper…

Keith RetrosI couldn’t resist these when I found them. JLab’s awesome bluetooth 80s retro Not-At-All-Sony Walkman-Inspired headphones called my name. Best. Decision. Ever. The quality is actually quite a bit above what one would expect from a budget set. They are very lightweight and comfortable, though I’m not sure if they have a lot of head-staying power. I’m glad I haven’t jogged in three decades.

First thing I listened to? Guardians of Galaxy Awesome Mix Volume I. “Come and Get Your love” by Redbone was jam #1. I have no shame in admitting I bounced my noggin off the wall in my closet-office singing along.

If you want to know how they compare to the real thing, I have no idea. We grew up poor and couldn’t afford Sony!

Best Buy | $19.99