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What kind of vain tool would create a website using their own name?

I guess my kind.
It’s not meant as a mark of vanity. But, anyone who knows me will confirm that my self-esteem is ridiculously functional. In fact, over the years I have stated on many occasions that I am “too perfect to be egocentric” and I stand by it.
KeithDickens.com is not a showcase of said ego – I save that for live meetings. My closest allies know this is a cover story, anyway. As you read my bullshit, you may recognize the subtle influence of demons you battle yourself. I blog for expression, creativity, humor (often failed), family, and community. Any topic is fair game. You’ll find words of politics, games, writing, organization, professionalism, and minimalism. I want to make you laugh but I hope I also make you think. There’s also a lot of bad decisions and a little good advice. I can’t say my blog is only about ups because the downs are so damned interesting – and frequent.
As a whole, this blog is a thought tank for a socially-awkward introvert. I’m on a strange quest to discover how I became a career social media consultant when I can’t stand to be around groups of people. Life is funny that way, ain’t it?
I didn’t choose my name as the domain name because I think it has impact. Nor am I particularly fond of the way it sounds. This is my self-brand. I claim accountability and responsibility for every word and I stick by it, even when the humor falls flat. Which is often. I also suggest to every person that I meet that if they don’t own their own name’s domain, they should. And you should buy your children’s as well.
This is KeithDickens.com because I want you to know I mean it.
That’s all.