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The Picard Mark: English Grammar Completed

It’s time we address the elephant in the room. 

English punctuation is incomplete and I am out to rectify that.

As a writer, I have the urge to end sentences with “!?” all the time. Some days, it’s every other sentence. 

It has become clear to me – from finishing the Internet – there is distinct meaning in the expression of these sentences. While grammar experts might say the expression is best represented by a question mark, I am simply not convinced this is the best option. Picard sentences (that’s right I named them) not only express exclamation but simultaneously insist there is a logical, common sense, and mostly rhetorical answer. We’re not looking for information. We’re want to express frustration with stupidity.

With this said, I present to you – The Picard Mark!

I’ve made is so. It’s long overdue. 


“Why don’t you fall down more

“Why do you pray to a god that did nothing to stop the tragedy in the first place 

“If you’re just going to reroute power, why didn’t we just put the power there to begin with

“Why are you commenting when you haven’t read the article

Picard wondering why I am atheist


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